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Law Students, Get to Know Your Law School’s Librarians and Library Via Twitter

First year law students could do a lot worse than getting to know the

This morning, Mari Cheney, Associate Director of Research and Instruction at Lewis and Clark Law School heartedly endorsed Ms. JD suggestion that law students befriend their law school law librarians.

Based on what I am leaning from law libraries and law librarians via Twitter I suggested law students follow them on Twitter.

Not only will you stay abreast of useful information, you will make connections with your law school’s librarians and the library. You’ll pick up both individual librarians and the libraries Twitter feed at most law schools.

Liking a tweet or retweeting, with a comment, a tweet of theirs will get you noticed. Unlike other students, you’ll begin to know the librarians online and face to face.

And there are worse people to get know than your law school’s law librarians. As Mari Cheney said, later in the twitter thread, “…[I]f we don’t know something or how to find it, we’ll find someone on campus who does!”

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