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Last Google Product ‘Google Translate’ Shut Down in China Due to Low Usage

Google has announced the discontinuation of its Translate service in mainland China due to low usage. It was the tech giant’s one of the final products available in the country. Users will now be sent to the Hong Kong version of the service through Google Translate’s dedicated page. This, however, is inaccessible from China’s mainland.

Google has always faced an uphill battle in gaining ground in the Chinese market due to the government’s strict censorship rules, which prompted the company to withdraw its search engine from China back in 2010. The Chinese government has also essentially restricted its other services, including Google Maps and Gmail.

Google’s trouble with governmental censorship has made it face tough competition from homegrown applications such as Baidu and Alibaba. According to Investopedia, Google China only owns a sub-2% slice of the online search pie in the country.

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