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Key insights into online consumer shopping behaviour


Planning is key to success! With the busy season fast approaching it’s no doubt that online retailers fear they may struggle to compete for sales custom during the busiest sales days of the year.

​​​​How do you provide a memorable customer experience? Do you know what your customers want?

We interviewed over 2000 British consumers to identify what influences their decisions when shopping online. For your eCommerce business to stand out and remain relevant in an increasingly competitive eCommerce ecosystem, we’ve asked the How, the What, and the Why British shoppers choose one retailer over another.

The research highlights the high expectations of British shoppers with real data that shows customers considering everything from the practicality of mobile payments to the ethical impact of the products they are buying.

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Key findings

Security accreditation
61% of online shoppers need to see security accreditation to feel safe, and 54% like to use strong customer authentication like fingerprints or face ID.

Digital wallets
86% of respondents either started using or continued to use a digital wallet in the past months.

Ethical and lifestyle concerns are vital: 72% of customers would prefer to buy from a small business that uses eco-friendly products and practices.

56.4% of respondents indicate that convenience is the most important factor for choosing online shopping over buying in-store.

Understand what makes your consumers tick

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