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By Vincent R. Horpel

The following biography on Jules Agramonte, who is known for designing the ground-breaking 1934 LaSalle (below), was written by his grandson.


Born in New York City on July 27, 1894, Julio “Jules” Agramonte y Mora was the youngest of four children born to Dr. Enrique and Justa Mora Agramonte, who had emigrated to New York City from Cuba around 1870. Entangled in the “Ten Years War” of independence (1868-1878) with no end in sight, then-Lieutenant Colonel Enrique Agramonte was sent to New York City to care for their family by his older brother, Major General of the Camagueyan armed forces and Cuban Revolutionary, Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz. Ignacio was revered by the Spaniards as a fierce rival commander, and was killed by Spanish sniper fire at the Battle of Jimaguayu on May 11, 1873. Jules was the nephew of Ignacio.


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