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John Deaton Predicts Shocking Thing That Might Happen After Summary Judgment Briefings


John Deaton, CryptoLaw Founder, is making a bold prediction as to what might happen after the summary judgment briefings are made public. He stated, “When the summary judgment motions are public, we will see evidence we are currently unaware of, including testimony from Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, Cofounder Chris Larsen, Ripple CTO, David Schwartz, and former Ripple employees. It includes testimony from Hinman and other SEC officials (Amy Starr, Valerie S).”

He also added, “I predict we (will) also see why it was so important that XRP holders be heard.”

According to the recently updated schedule shared by James K. Filan, the remaining months in 2022 may be key times in the lawsuit based on the upcoming decisions and motions to be filed. Motions for summary judgment are expected to come in by Sept. 13. Oppositions are expected by Oct. 18, while replies to any opposition must be made by Nov. 15, ahead of Judge Torres’ final decision. Filan predicts that Judge Torres’ decision on expert motions and summary judgment might come on or before March 31, 2023.


Meanwhile, in updates shared by James K. Filan over the weekend, “The SEC has filed a letter requesting to seal portions of the parties’ oppositions to the exclusion motions that contain information identifying the SEC’s expert witnesses and the personal financial information of one of the SEC experts.”

Also, Ripple and its defendants are requesting to make narrowly-tailored redactions to a limited number of exhibits to the briefs filed by the parties in opposition to the motions to exclude expert testimony.

According to the document attached, Ripple seeks to seal the identities of non-parties, including digital asset participants and Ripple business partners, and likewise, Ripple employees that appear in the Daubert motions.

XRP-friendly attorney Jeremy Hogan, picking up clues on the identity of the digital asset participants, remarked, “Could … digital asset market participants’ be referring to actual XRP retail purchasers?” (Crossing fingers).

Howbeit, optimism remains in place ahead of the summary judgment briefing expected next month.


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