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Jed McCaleb has 81.5 Million XRP Left, Next Week He May Go Down to Zero

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Yuri Molchan

Former Ripple CTO keeps dumping XRP from his stash and is likely to run out of coins next week

Data from XRPscan shows that Jed McCaleb, a co-founder of Ripple Labs and its former chief technology officer, has only 81.5 million XRP left in his wallet.

Some believe he is likely to sell the rest by next week if he keeps up the current selling pace.

Jed has only 81.5 million XRP in “tacostand”

McCaleb seems to be in the home stretch, selling his 9 billion XRP received in 2013 from Ripple Labs when he left the company for good to found rival Stellar with its XLM token.

Within just a few days, he has sold 20 million XRP, and now his “tacostand” wallet contains a total of 81,527,341.97878 XRP.


On June 25, the balance of his wallet amounted to 114 million tokens.

A website created by some XRP enthusiasts shows that depending on how fast McCaleb sells the leftovers of his crypto riches, he may run out of XRP in 15 or 23 days.

However, Twitter user @Lionel46294550 believes that McCaleb may finish selling his XRP as early as next week.

At the start of June, as reported by U.Today, Jed had as many as 183 million XRP on his wallet balance, thus, since June 6, he has dumped roughly 100 million tokens onto the market.

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