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It’s Free. It’s Easy. It Gets The Job Done. Google Tasks.


There are all kinds of To Do list and task list apps out there, all designed to keep your day organized. If you use Google Calendar, or any other Google apps, however, you really need to play with Google Tasks. It sits at the right of my calendar every minute of every day, and I add an item to my list whenever it comes up. Since I am no longer doing complex litigation, I don’t really need a full function case management system, so, if you are still in an active practice, Tasks may not be for you. However, it is free, and gets the job done, and I use it all the time. I live in my browser, and Google Calendar, Email, Task Management, and various other Google functions are at my fingertips all the time. It really doesn’t matter how you get organized. You will be more productive if you do.



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