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iPhone 14 to be Launched on Sept 7, Exclusive Photos Reveal a Stunning Finish


The iPhone 14 and new watches will be unveiled during Apple Inc.’s major product launch event on September 7th, the company announced this past week. The inaugural will combine pre-recorded video with a typical in-person keynote at Apple’s Steve Jobs Theater, and it will all be webcast online.

Leaks of the iPhone 14 have revealed details on the range’s design, performance variations, and pricy front cameras. However, their new color choice may end up being the most striking improvement.

The arrival of the purple iPhone 14 Pro model has been widely predicted for months. With every new iPhone release, Apple typically introduces new colors, but a recent video reveals that the purple finish is unique compared to previous iPhone finishes. Other rumoured color options for the phone are navy blue, gold, graphite and silver.

Pre-orders are anticipated to open on September 9 for the iPhone 14 line.


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