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Introducing Techera Syndicate, an Exclusive Collection of 99 New-Gen Utility NFTs


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Vladislav Sopov

Techera Solutions, heavy-hitting team of NFT builders, shares details of its upcoming Syndicate release


With the release of 99 Techera Syndicate NFTs, a decentralized community of digital artists will collaborate to release new tokens.

Techera Syndicate collection goes live in late August

According to the official announcement shared by Techera Solutions digital studio, its pioneering collection, Techera Syndicate, will be unveiled in August.

Image by Techera Solutions

Ninety-nine non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will be minted and distributed among Web3 enthusiasts. Their holders will form a new community of digital artists and commissioners: they will curate development, launching and collecting profits from a collective NFT project.

First, the holders of NFTs will decide on the style the collection will be released in: Anime, Pixel, 3D, Realistic, Animation or Cartoon options are available.


Then, the creators will shape the economics of the upcoming collections: Syndicate members will take part in referendums on the number of NFTs to release, the price of one token, the exact release date, royalties rates and so on.

Techera Solutions, a platform behind the upcoming release, will organize all operations in an end-to-end manner: website creation, NFT design and minting, smart contracts integration and promotion will be free for Syndicate members.

Novel way of development and community building in NFTs

Techera Solutions representatives highlighted that their products and services will be promoted in a completely novel way:

We don’t believe in twitter, discord, and “refer a friend” promotions (they turn spam-like very quickly). We also believe whitelisting can get corrupted as friends and associates are allowed to mint first.

As such, the only way to be enlisted for the raffle with 99 NFTs is to share your email address with Techera Solutions on its main websites. All applicants will have the same chances to receive one NFT immediately after the mint takes place.

Also, owning a Techera Syndicate NFT will unlock amazing utilities on the platform: holders will enjoy exclusive chat and video rooms as well as VIP Metaverse locations for their meetings and brainstorms.

In August-November 2022, Techera Solutions will also invite third-party digital artists to create, mint and promote their NFTs on leading platforms, including the likes of OpenSea, a flagship digital collectibles marketplace.


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