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Interview with Genius Yield Team

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Arman Shirinyan

Genius Yield team uses everything Cardano offers to increase efficiency of ISPO and parallelizable applications


In U.Today’s most recent interview with Genius Yield’s co-founder and chief scientific officer Marvin Bertin, and Head of Finance Dikemba Balogu, CFA, our editor discussed what Genius DEX offers to experienced users in the blockchain space, Cardano blockchain’s advantages and requirements for participating in the Genius X launchpad.

Utilizing Cardano’s advantageous blockchain

While answering a question about Cardano, Marvin Betrin highlighted the key protocol-level features that make the network stand out from all other competitors. Foremost, Cardano utilizes a unique ledger architecture called EUTxo (Extended Unspent Transaction Output).

The structure allows using parallelizable dApp architectures like Genius DEX to implement for an effective orderbook design. With the help of the Haskell programming language, the security of platforms like Genius DEX and the contracts they utilize can reach the next level.


Unlike EVM architectures, Cardano scaling has always been a step ahead of the industry’s standard as the network’s ledger can be easily sharded, allowing usage of isomorphic Layer 2s for achieving exponential scaling.

Holding an ISPO on Cardano

The Initial Stake Pool Offering is a permissionless funding mechanism that utilizes Cardano’s delegated PoS architecture. In the interview, Betrin explained how this funding method differs from the normal delegation of ADA for staking rewards.

In ISPO, instead of giving out ADA staking rewards to users, projects fund development and give delegators native tokens that represents the governance or utility of a decentralized application or a project in general.

The Genius X multi-token ISPO offers exposure to multiple projects by delegating to only one ISPO, which maximizes the value of the provided funds by receiving tokens from projects in the Genius X accelerator program.

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