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INTERPOL Red Notice removal: Russian banking case



Miami, Florida, U.S.A.- Estlund Law, P.A., has achieved the removal of a Red Notice in the case of a client who had been targeted in a politically motivated case from Russia.

The client is a former banking executive who had been targeted by Russian authorities and the Central Bank of Russia. The case arose from a concerted effort by Russian political authorities in the context of a banking crisis to seize private assets and drive foreign stakeholders out of the country.

Russian officials instigated criminal proceedings against individual bank shareholders, including the client, after initiating politically motivated supervisory interventions by the Central Bank of Russia. The intervention eventually resulted in Russia nationalizing banks and expropriating their assets.

When the client learned about the Red Notice, he contacted Estlund Law. Attorney Michelle Estlund prepared a removal request based on the political nature of the case and the due process violations that occurred during the investigation and prosecution of the case. The CCF ultimately agreed that the matter was political in nature and that the client’s data should be deleted from INTERPOL’s databases.

The client is now working and living in peace with his family again. He recognizes that the CCF took great care in its analysis of the case and provided a sound and reasoned basis for its decision in his case.

Attorney Michelle Estlund said, “It was critical in this case that the client took the time needed to work with our team to fully understand, prepare, and present his removal request in the most effective way possible.”


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