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Inside Privacy Audiocast: Episode 20 – Competition and Privacy Series: The EU’s Digital Markets Act


On Episode 20 of Covington’s Inside Privacy Audiocast, Dan Cooper, Co-Chair of Covington’s Data Privacy and Cyber Security practice, and Christian Ahlborn, Partner in Covington’s Competition practice, discuss the recently enacted EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) in the first part of our “Competition and Privacy” mini series.

For more information on the DMA, we refer you to Covington’s EMEA Tech Regulation Toolkit, which provides information on new regulations in the EMEA region (including the DMA), and includes a video series, key takeaways, and links to relevant blog posts and articles.

Covington’s Inside Privacy Audiocast offers insights into topical global privacy issues and trends. Subscribe to our Inside Privacy Blog to receive notifications on new episodes.


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