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Inexperienced traveller but itching to visit India? This is the best way.


This trip combines the ‘Golden Trio’ of India tourism (Delhi, Jaipur, Agra) with mesmerising Mumbai and glimmering Goa. You’ll also visit a perfect blend of urban and tranquil areas. 

You’ll start off in Delhi, India’s national capital territory that boasts a bigger population than London and New York combined (!) After basking in the sensory overload of colour, culture and cuisine, it’s off to Agra to make all your dreams come true – you’ll witness the Agra Fort, and have all day to marvel at the Taj Mahal.

Next, you’ll head to Ranthambore for a change of pace. You’ll see tigers, visit the Dhonk Craft Centre and learn about the intrinsic link between the two. In Jaipur, you’ll admire palaces and pavilions before being whisked off to Udaipur, the city known for its oddly Venetian vibes and tremor-inducing natural beauty. Next, you’ll immerse yourself in Mumbai for a true collage of Indian life. Slums, mansions, skyscrapers and rainforests – this will widen your perspective as well as your eyes. Finally, before jetting home to share stories with anyone who’ll listen (which is everyone), you’ll spend a night by the beach in Goa. 


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