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Indonesia’s Ruangguru Acquires Local Overseas Study Guidance Platform Schoters


Indonesian EdTech Ruangguru has recently announced that it has acquired Schoters, a local firm that offers overseas study guidance, for an undisclosed sum.

The deal closely follows the company’s acquisition of coding course provider Kalananti in June.

According to the company, the two companies complement a range of K-12 product ecosystems that is already available on the Ruangguru platform. Executives from respective companies will also continue to focus on the solutions that they have built for Ruangguru users.

“We recently acquired Kalananti and Schoters. In the past years, Ruangguru’s curriculum has been focusing heavily on [the needs of students] who are preparing to enter local public and private universities. With Schoters, we can also cater to the needs of those who are aiming to do undergraduate and postgraduate studies abroad with scholarships. Schoters is the biggest in Indonesia at the moment for this kind of service,” said Ruangguru Co-Founder and CEO Belva Devara Syah at a press conference in Jakarta.

At the press conference, Ruangguru also launched a series of new features including Ruangguru for Kids, which offers a series of courses for children aged 3-12, and Adapto X – a learning feature that uses simulations and interactive games.

Founded in 2018, Schoters offers consultation on college registration, foreign language classes, document preparation, and assistance in finding student accommodation abroad. Since its founding, the startup claimed to have helped thousands of Indonesian students to study in 400 universities in 43 countries, including Cornell University, University of College London, Nanyang Technological University, and Harvard University.

“We will be part of the Ruangguru ecosystem. This is exciting as we have always been targeting high school students who intended to further their studies abroad. On one hand, Ruangguru has a pool of Indonesian high schoolers as users; as a small startup, joining them enables us to reach out to a wider array of high schoolers,” Schoters Co-Founder and CEO Radyum Ikono said.

Founded in 2014 as an online tutoring platform, Ruangguru has grown to be one of the most diversified EdTech startups in Indonesia. The firm now has over 38 million users in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. The startup has raised more than $205 million in funding over ten rounds, according to Crunchbase.

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