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Independent developers of TON’s @wallet Upgrade Goes Live in Telegram Messenger: What is Wallet 2.0?


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Vladislav Sopov

User-friendly bot for cryptocurrency trading, @wallet, leverages latest tech upgrades of Telegram’s open WebApps platform


While Telegram Messenger becomes increasingly popular in various regions of the world, independent TON ecosystem developers release major upgrades to their key wallet.

Here’s what changes with @wallet v2.0 upgrade

According to the official announcement shared by the TON Foundation, its @wallet Telegram bot underwent a massive upgrade.

The wallet has already introduced Toncoin (TON) as a first-ever cryptocurrency that can be sent directly between two messenger users. Now, its speed and usability have been upgraded. TON Foundation developers describe the upgrade as a “small revolution.”

With this upgrade, Toncoin (TON) enthusiasts can buy this token as well as other cryptocurrencies in a seamless manner without leaving the messenger application. All necessary KYC-checks are performed due to a collaboration between TON Foundation and Sum&Substance (SumSub) online verification protocol.


Also, wallet instruments are now added to the attachments menu of Telegram. As such, Telegram Messenger users can send TON to each other directly in chats.

Andrew Rogozov, Founding Member of the TON Foundation, is excited by the opportunities the upgrade unlocks for all fans of TON and crypto as a whole:

We are pleased that TON ecosystem products are rapidly evolving and entering the lives of blockchain veterans and novices alike. The widescale adoption of TON by users, regardless of their experience, is one of our key goals. This update is just one example of the project’s tangible success. Thanks to @wallet, it is now easier to buy and send cryptocurrencies within the Telegram app and get acquainted with the world of blockchain payments.

New functionalities are available in the latest versions of Telegram; as such, all TON enthusiasts should download the new version or use its web interface.

Unmatched user experience and speed for P2P Toncoin trading

Also, the bot has smashed through major milestones in its massive adoption. For the third quarter (2022) its net operating turnover surpassed $5 million; the number of registered accounts exceeded 1 million.

TON, or Telegram Open Network, is not associated with Telegram Messenger. Being fully community driven, it gained particular popularity among Telegram users.

The platform itself should be referred to as a high-performance Layer 1 blockchain that supercharges the feature-rich ecosystem of blockchain tools. Over 1.16 million accounts are active on TON, and an almost 400% increase has been witnessed in the last six months. 

Besides being a user-friendly and cost-efficient value transfer instrument, TON will also be integrated in a number of game-changing use cases. During next phases of TON progress, it will be accepted as a payment method for decentralized data storage, proxy servers infrastructure and decentralized Domain Name System (DNS) mechanisms.

The TON bridge can be used for seamless non-custodial value transfer between TON and two largest smart contract platforms Ethereum (ETH) and BNB Chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain or BSC). 

Being a promising project that addresses the crucial cryptocurrency segment ‘pains’, TON is recognized by the global investors community. The project, inter alia, has attracted major investors, such as Huobi, with funds of $250 million and $90 million created to finance promising projects and grants.

TON is well-known for its active community management and ecosystem building. Its foundation launched a funding program for early-stage teams and the TONStarter launchpad for promising cryptocurrency projects. The TON community can vote on the details of upcoming funding programs.

Also, TON has a number of sponsorship programs designed to fuel non-profit communities tasked with blockchain promotion and education. TON supports blockchain events, hackathons and media resources.


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