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In-House Corner: The #1 Thing Freaking You Out at Work – Part 3


This feature of our blog is where our in-house readers share tips, anecdotes and thoughts about things that come up in their daily practice. Part one and part two of this series are now available; feel free to ping me and share your thoughts—they will be posted anonymously or with attribution, whichever you desire. This particular batch of thoughts is about the thing that is freaking you out the most right now at work:

  1. “The pace, scope and volume of SEC regulatory proposals, coupled with uncertain enforceability due to WV v. EPA.” – Zac Efron Doe
  2. “Whether we will be ready to comply with the SEC’s proposed climate-change rules by the effective date.” – Alexandra Daddario Doe
  3. “Why is it so overwhelmingly busy all of the time?!” – Biz Markie Doe
  4. “The impact of inflation on margins.” – Hank Aaron Doe
  5. “For me, it’s a resource issue. We are down a number of people on our team and it’s creating all sorts of difficulties getting things done.” – Cicely Tyson Doe
  6. “Whether I will have to return to the office on a full-time basis.” – Charles Barkley Doe
  7. “The SEC’s climate change rules, if they are adopted and survive litigation. Sea-change in terms of SEC disclosure philosophy. Going beyond even the remote bounds of reasonableness.” – Michael Jackson Doe
  8. “ESG. Who would think an acronym could bring me to tears. It’s just been such a wild three or four years and it’s hard to keep up with the last set of changes. And then boom, here comes the biggest yet.” – Percy Jackson Doe


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