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I Want Bitcoin to Go Lower, David Gokhshtein Says, Here’s Why


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Yuri Molchan

This influencer wants Bitcoin to head below current $19,700 level, but he also wants SHIB to hit $0.01


Founder and CEO of Gokhshtein Media, former U.S. congressional candidate David Gokhshtein, stated in a recent tweet that he wants Bitcoin to go further down for “selfish reasons.”

Possible explanation of Gokhshtein’s wish

Earlier, this crypto influencer and enthusiast referred to Bitcoin as a “falling knife” in his tweet, most likely implying that opening long positions on BTC could be dangerous now, while it is better to wait for BTC to reach the confirmed bottom.

His “selfish reasons” could be simple — buying more of the flagship cryptocurrency on the dip, which is done by many Bitcoiners. Previously, many times, Gokhshtein mentioned Bitcoin in a positive context.

At the time of this writing, the biggest cryptocurrency is trading in the $19,700 zone. On Aug. 26, Bitcoin lost the $20,000 level, where it had been holding and is now trading in a range between $19,000 and $20,000, once having dropped below $19,000 briefly.


On that day, the chief of the U.S. Federal Reserve Jerome Powell stated in a speech delivered to bankers that the Fed intends to continue with its hawkish stance in an attempt to beat inflation.

Gokhshtein wants SHIB to reach $0.01

On Aug. 17, Gokhshtein tweeted that he needed SHIB to do him a favor and soar to the $0.01 level. The influencer has been bullish and enthusiastic about this meme coin throughout the year and often tweets about it, drawing more attention to SHIB and its Metaverse.

However, whales seem to prefer to speculate on SHIB, rather than hodl it. Around an hour ago, an anonymous wallet moved a whopping 160,000,000,000 meme coins.

Details from Etherscan show that this lump of Shiba Inu went to the exchange Crypto.com to be sold. On Friday last week, another unknown wallet sold nearly 115 billion SHIB through Binance.

Over the weekend, top Ethereum whales purchased $8 million worth of Shiba Inu, which is roughly 643 billion canine coins. Now, they hold $155 million worth of SHIB.


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