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How to Use LinkedIn’s Newest Posting Feature – Adding Outbound URL Links to Your Posts


I have some exciting LinkedIn news to share – you can now add clickable links to your LinkedIn posts.

That means no more needing to put links in the comments of your post to something you want to promote (I personally never liked this practice).

And no more worrying that if you insert a URL link in a post, it will be penalized by LinkedIn for driving traffic off of LinkedIn.

Here’s how you do it: Add a photo or video to your post. In the options before you post (where you see tagging and alt text options), you’ll now see a symbol for adding a link. Insert your URL and then choose what you want your display text to be. The link appears right on the image itself (see how I did it here linking to my email sign-up list).

You can move around where the link goes and change the size of it. Note that you can only add the links right now from your mobile device, but you can see them on your desktop.

This new LinkedIn feature underscores the importance of adding an image or video to each of your posts.

Visuals have always been important on LinkedIn but now even more so you need a strategy for visuals ASAP.

If you are referring to a specific piece of content in your post, add a link to it here. The same would go for an upcoming webinar, podcast, media mention, article or anything else to which you want to drive traffic.

If you are not sure what to add as a link, a simple redirect to your website or blog would be a great example of what you could do or how about your email sign-up list?

Note that you can do this for both your personal LinkedIn page and your company page. If you don’t have the ability to do it yet, keep checking as it often takes LinkedIn a bit to roll out new features globally.

Remember that outbound links like this are at the very top of your sales funnel and without them, you’re not driving traffic to the content that you want people to see that can help build your brand and generate leads and awareness, so you should use them to promote your thought leadership and encourage interested people to sign-up for your email list. At the very least, add a link to your website or your Linktree links.

This is a free link that goes right to you and and your content, so why not take advantage of this new LinkedIn tool? I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. Are you as excited as me about it?


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