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How to Discuss the Law in Closing Argument – The George Zimmerman Trial

Mark O’Mara

During closing argument, you’re going to discuss the law. During instructions are the source of the law for the jury. Inevitably the trial lawyers will discuss the law regarding the burden of proof. The trial of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin provides an excellent example of how counsel can explain the law regarding the burden of proof to the jury. 


Watch defense counsel Mark O’Mara discuss the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. 

Despite the best efforts of pattern jury instruction committees, jury instructions may be difficult for jurors to understand and therefore apply the case apply to the case before them. To aid the jurors, counsel can explain the law in understandable terms. Also, trial lawyers can use visuals to explain the law.

For example, this visual could be used to explain the concept of transferred intent.

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