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How Class Bazaar is Making Learning Accessible to All


A common narrative that has been making rounds in the professional world is a skill gap that needs to be bridged by providing relevant, comprehensive educational training to the employees.

Similarly, students are finding themselves in need of constant upskilling by taking up courses that fortify their current learnings and elevate their profiles. No matter which life stage you are at and what your ambitions may be, continuous learning is the need of the hour, and this can be fulfilled by leveraging the dynamic and easily accessible online space. Class Bazaar – India’s largest aggregator for massive open online courses (MOOCs), is harnessing the true potential of online learning by offering over 1,50,000 courses to learners from all over the world.

With the vision of making learning attainable for all, Class Bazaar is-.

  • Closing the skill gap and making learners ready for the job market
  • Assisting employees to stay ahead of the competition and remain relevant in the changing economy
  • Providing relevant courses to learners who are otherwise struggling to find the right resources elevates their lives by making learning fast and convenient.

The idea behind making learning accessible to all came from the shared passion of the Class Bazaar team to add meaning and purpose to the time that individuals spend online. The math is simple, if you spend an hour daily online (on social media platforms, YouTube, or other sites), you can dedicate half the time towards learning a course of your choice. When cascaded through the overall ecosystem of professionals and students, this thought will create a network of individuals who excel in their respective fields with the backing of relevant education.

A learner-supported community, Class Bazaar’s listing system is highly efficient and devoid of any influence of affiliate relationships. This is an aggregator webspace for numerous courses; the offerings are aplenty, with choices in various categories readily available at your fingertips. After all, fast-tracking the search for a MOOC is the core purpose of this website.

Class Bazaar took a step further towards making learning interesting and available for all by launching a never-heard-of-before campaign.

For the first time in the history of online education, Class Bazaar has made learning a prospect of earning. Yes, learners can gain knowledge and skills, and they can also get rewarded with shopping vouchers & other benefits when they take up any free course offered by Class Bazaar.

How it Works

It is pretty straightforward- you take up an approach for free, and in return, you are given a chance to win a thousand-rupee voucher. Just enroll in the course and share a screenshot with team Class Bazaar.

The Idea

Learning is not a choice but a necessity. With this philosophy, the minds at Class Bazaar believe that the time you spend online on various social media platforms could be otherwise used to learn and elevate your profiles. Offering a chance to earn, as you know, is to get more and more aspirants to enroll and take up courses of their choice without any cost.

After all, a learned community is the foundation of a progressive ecosystem.

The Impact

The innovative campaign was launched in February this year, and the response has been phenomenal since. Learners’ enthusiasm was showcased in the organic 4x growth in the followers with enhanced social media engagement and thousands of enrolments.

The Road Ahead

Since making learning attainable for all and elevating skills is the company’s mission, this campaign is up and around all year long, every day. Speaking of this unique campaign, Raj Mehta, CEO and Founder at Class Bazaar, said, “We believe in making the time that people spend online to be conducive. In today’s fast-paced and constantly growing ecosystem, people need to learn and hone their skills to stay relevant. We are simply providing a platform and incentives to help them pursue the same.” Class Bazaar aims to get maximum people to learn through the online channel. With its high internet penetration rate and transparent rating system for online courses, the company offers prestigious and trusted education. So, grab this learning and earning opportunity and visit www.classbazaar.com to enroll in the course of your choice for free. Also, stand a chance to win a thousand-rupee voucher.

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