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HOPR Network Launches More Secure and Censorship-Resistant Alternative to TOR


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Vladislav Sopov

HOPR privacy protocol makes private and commercial interaction more confidential than ever before


While secure and decentralized data exchange systems are among the most impressive use cases for the blockchain and cryptocurrency spheres, the segment still lacks designs with encrypted transport layers.

HOPR network increases security of data transfer in Web3

HOPR network, a decentralized privacy-focused ecosystem of nodes for data transfer, creates an incentivized technical architecture to address the bottlenecks of existing solutions like The Onion Router (TOR).

Swiss-based cryptocurrency and data privacy heavyweight HOPR leverages next-gen obfuscating cryptographic techniques to combat all possible systems of survelliance.

As explained by the HOPR team, such an attack-resistant and censorship-protected system can be used for a variety of use cases. In particular, HOPR nodes can be utilized in med-tech and decentralized energy management instruments.


Also, HOPR nodes can be used for data transfer in cryptocurrency systems themselves: for instance, they can supercharge DeFis to guarantee maximum privacy for all of their users.

Here’s why HOPR’s design is more advanced than TOR’s

First and foremost, unlike TOR, HOPR created an incentivized ecosystem for its users: node operators are rewarded with HOPR cryptocurrencies. As such, their efforts are supported in a sustainable way.

Also, unlike TOR, HOPR does not have an on-ramp via gateway nodes; this makes HOPR’s structure more scalable and high performance than that of its competitors.

Last but not least, HOPR utilizes sphinx packets with indistinguishable structure: it unlocks more impressive anonymity opportunities than the TOR network.


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