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Highlighting still more notable new <em>Inquest</em> essays


I continue to struggle to find time to keep up with the steady stream of great pieces regularly posted at Inquest.  As regular readers know from my regular postings, Inquest, “a decarceral brainstorm,” keeps churning out must-read essays, and I try to keep up just by flagging here some of the recent sentencing/prison pieces folks may want to be sure check out:

By Katharine Blake, “A New Clarity: In search of an abolitionist language”

By Marcus Kondkar, “Face to Face: The Visiting Room offers an intimate glimpse into the stories of Louisianians serving life without parole”

By Abbe Smith, “Bars and Barriers: Far from a decarceral plan, ‘Barred’ is nonetheless a trenchant look at how the criminal system fails the innocent and guilty alike”

By Candice Delmas, “A Weapon of Last Resort: It’s time to reconsider the power and promise of hunger strikes — without denying the tactic’s radical, disruptive, and violent character”


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