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Hey, USDA FSIS, stop ruining our Thanksgiving and PLEASE ban Salmonella from Poultry


Volume 28, Number 1—January 2022
Salmonella Serotypes Associated with Illnesses after Thanksgiving Holiday, United States, 1998–2018

Here is the CDC’s conclusion:

Salmonella Reading was the serotype most strongly associated with illness during the Thanksgiving holiday. Given the dramatic increase in turkey consumption around Thanksgiving, one might expect that serotypes we identified are primarily associated with turkey consumption, and indeed, Reading caused a multistate outbreak with a raw turkey source during 2017–2019, and a new clone of this serotype has emerged since 2014 in commercial turkey production. Other serotypes significantly associated with Thanksgiving in our study (i.e., Hadar, Schwarzengrund, and Heidelberg) have also been associated with turkey.

Other significantly associated serotypes are not among those most commonly identified in turkey (e.g., Heidelberg and 4,[5],12:i- are more commonly identified in chicken; Derby, Brandenburg, and 4,[5],12:i- in swine and pork; and 4,[5],12:i- in cattle). However, all these serotypes have been found in turkeys and in retail samples of turkey or have been associated with outbreaks attributed to turkey. Some of the serotypes significantly increased after Thanksgiving, such as, Baildon and Ohio, were rare, causing <200 illnesses annually, and were not reported among food animals, retail products, or outbreaks during 2015‒2020. Although our study may have identified serotypes associated with other foods eaten during the Thanksgiving holiday, particular attention probably should be paid to evidence of these serotypes emerging in turkey production.

So, again, why is Salmonella NOT an adulterant?


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