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Here’s why surf’s not the only thing that’s up in Portugal


For most of us, stripping down to our swimwear and charging into the sea with a surfboard tucked under our arm would be an example of leaving our comfort zone. Not Ridge Lenny. This influencer and avid surfer feels more at home in the ocean than just about anywhere else. 

And when it comes to surfing spots, Ridge would be the first to admit that Portugal is pretty unrivalled. Our mission was to convince Ridge (and surfers everywhere) that Portugal is good for so much more than surfing. Head in land and you’ll find some true fairytale cities – choc full of art, architecture, absolutely scrumptious cuisine and so much more.

To prove it, we sent Ridge on our ‘Portugal City & Surf’ trip. Looking for waves of adventure, waves of emotion… plus some actual waves. 


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