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Here’s What’s Happening with Shibarium per Recent Update Provided by Builder

In a recent blog post, Shiba Inu layer 2 builder Unification shared what was happening with Shibarium, under the caption “Wen L2? Sewn!”

Way back in June, Unification stated that the public beta testing of Shibarium could be expected by Q3, 2022, or soon thereafter.

As Q4 has progressed, social media is now flooded with requests for explanations and additional details regarding the Shibarium launch. 

Shiba Inu lead developer Shytoshi Kusama says he keeps getting questions as to when Shibarium might be released. Not giving a specific date, Kusama gave the timeline as “soon.”


Despite the heightened concerns about the release date, Unification says it wants to ensure the most secure, usable vision and accompanying product possible.

It wrote, “Although the question of the release date of this project is something we hear and consider daily, it’s much more important for us to work with and support the team to ensure the most secure, usable vision and accompanying product possible.”

Shibarium close to public beta release

Unification maintains that its work with the Shibarium team remains its core external project for the year and is moving forward with great strength.

It highlights ongoing work on the alpha version while saying it was close to the public beta release.

“The internal alpha continues to be optimized daily to be ready to fulfill the requirements and the sheer scale of the audience waiting for it. As a result, the core team has been moving fast and furiously with our advisory and is close to a public beta release,” it stated in the blog post.

The Shibarium builder added, “The Wen is soon and we are as excited to support, develop, and release a public update on the product shortly.”

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