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Here’s What Peter Brandt Told Michael Saylor


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Yuri Molchan

Prominent commodity trader has warned Michael Saylor from worshiping Bitcoin


Old school savvy chartist Peter Brandt has taken to Twitter to respond to a recent Bitcoin-themed message posted by Microstrategy founder Michael Saylor.

Is Saylor worshiping Bitcoin?

Saylor, who is a vocal Bitcoin evangelist, published one of his BTC praising tweets, this time saying “Believe in Bitcoin”, followed by a picture of a physical BTC coin with a woman worshiping it and which looks like some sort of a forsaken altar in an underground temple.

Brandt responded, citing Psalm 27, which says that while some believe in chariots and horses, others believe in God. The prominent trader added “Bitcoin” to the list of things that may distract people from religious beliefs. 

Peter Brandt does not seem to share the fanatic belief of Michael Saylor in the flagship cryptocurrency. Apparently, Brandt simply views Bitcoin as one of commodities to trade on the market to make gains from.

Microstrategy’s Michael Saylor is known for his manifold tweets dedicated to Bitcoin, which are often just one line sounding like a piece of ancient wisdom, a metaphor or a sententia – “flows of digital energy”, etc.

Peter Brandt’s criticism of BTC fanatics

Earlier this year, in August, Brandt also slammed those in the Bitcoin army that participated in the “laser eyes” movement over the past year. It emerged in 2021 and was supported by those who believed that the leading crypto would reach $100,000 within the coming years.

The renowned chartist then stated that instead of heading up towards $100,000, Bitcoin went back below the $20,000 level. He pointed out the danger of “dogmatic thinking”.

However, Michael Saylor and another renowned trader, John Bollinger, preferred to disagree with him.


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