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Here’s How To Build XRPL Smart Contracts on Testnet


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Vladislav Sopov

Enthusiasts of XRP Ledger now have low-code instrument to build and deploy “Hooks” on testnet


At the recent XRPL Dev Summit 2022, an unusual newbie-friendly platform for building “Hooks” was unveiled to the general public. It is set to change the narrative in the history of XRP Ledger as a programmatic blockchain.

Hooks Builder unlocks new opportunities for XRPL devs

Jani Anttonen, a software developer at the Web3 infrastructure team Equilibrium, shared a presentation about the functionality of Hooks Builder, a toolkit for building XRPL Hooks.

As per the presentation, XRPL Hooks operations are slightly different from those of “regular” smart contracts (on Ethereum, BNB Chain and so on): they should be treated as “event listeners” that can be triggered by certain events on the blockchain.

As such, they equip XRP Ledger with basic DeFi functionality. With Hooks Builder, everyone can choose from preset Hooks samples and deploy their own to the testnet.


Not unlike OpenZeppelin samples for ERC-20 and ERC-721 smart contracts, via Builder, Hooks can be deployed in a seamless low-code manner. Tech-savvy users can create customized Hooks by experimenting with backend code.

Long road to mainnet

Hooks Builder employs an easy-to-use integrated development environment (IDE), a built-in compiler to Wasm and Gist sharing/saving modules.

This release brings a new generation of Web3 devs to the XRPL ecosystem. As covered by U.Today previously, XRP Ledger Hooks is the most anticipated functionality in this veteran blockchain community.

At the same time, according to seasoned XRPL devs, this upgrade might not be released on the mainnet in coming months. The Beta Testnet version of XRPL Hooks is up and running since February 2021.


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