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Here’s How SHIB Payments Can Be Adopted by These Two Global Giants: Details


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Yuri Molchan

There is a high chance that users will soon be able to pay for Netflix and Amazon with Shiba Inu, here’s what has been happening

FCF Pay has stated that it will soon announce the addition of SHIB to its prepaid debit cards, which are accepted by Amazon and Netflix giants.

To get this done, the SHIB army has had to fulfill a certain task.

SHIB army “making enough noise”

On its Twitter page, FCF Pay crypto payment gateway platform headquartered in Canada stated that it is willing to add popular meme coin Shiba Inu to its prepaid card if the SHIB army “makes enough noise”. So far, the tweet stated, the cards only accept stablecoins.

The challenge given to fans of SHIB was to make 1,000 retweets of the FCF Pay tweet about SHIB.


In one of its recent tweets, they first stated that 50 percent, then 75 percent of the result was achieved.

Less than half an hour ago, a tweet was released saying that the necessary 1,000 retweets had been made and an announcement about SHIB getting added to their prepaid card will be coming out soon.

After that SHIB payments will become available on Amazon and Netflix via the company’s cards.


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