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Here’s How Billions of SHIB Can Be Burned Daily: Innovative Burner


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Yuri Molchan

This prominent SHIB burner has idea how Shib community could deploy potential to burn billions of SHIB on weekly and daily basis


Shib Super Store Twitter account has posted a tweet about its recent earnings for burning SHIB, stating that there is a method that can potentially help the SHIB army burn billions of these meme coins.

Behind this account and the store itself is Travis Johnson, maker of smartphone games and a SHIB burn fan.

“SHIB army has the potential to burn billions of SHIB”

Johnson tweeted that one of the games he built, called Bricks Buster, continues to bring in the biggest advertising income, which he uses for buying SHIB to send it to a dead-end wallet later on.

Depending on the CPM levels, various amounts of SHIB can be burned, according to the Super Shib Store tweet. The 10K level equals 11.1 million burned SHIB, the 110K level can help burn 110 million SHIB and the 1 million level can assist in removing 1.1 billion meme coins per day.


Johnson burns SHIB every Sunday, using the Amazon affiliate program as of the tools for earning cash with which to buy SHIB.

On Sunday, Oct. 10, according to an earlier post, the lowest ever burn on the project took place. In it, Johnson mentioned that due to the extremely low price of SHIB at the moment, billions of meme coins per week could be burned, if the community helps him.

214.3 million SHIB burned in one transfer

According to the @shibaplay_ tracker, earlier today, a mysterious wallet moved a staggering 214,388,649 Shib tokens to an unspendable wallet.

Overall, in the past 24 hours, 25,023,396 Shiba Inu have been burned, as reported by the Shibburn Twitter account.


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