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Here’s Cardano Founder’s Amusing Reply to Critic Who Took Dig at Network Performance


Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has responded to a Twitter user who wrote, “Sir, once your network is fully operating and you are done with peer review, I will copy your codes and make my own Cordano 2.0 Thank you for your hard work.”

The Cardano creator noted the misspelling of Cardano by the user and was quick to correct this, saying, “It’s Cardano. With an A.”

Critics often troll the network by saying that, half the time, Cardano is misspelled as ”Cordano” or “Cardana.” Cardano critic Mark Cuban, while defending his claims that Dogecoin had more utility than Cardano, misspelled the word “Cardano” as “Cardana” in a tweet.

The recent response by Cardano’s founder to the misspelling of Cardano implies that he is developing a rather thick skin for this, while at any given opportunity he would not allow critics to get away with their taunts.


As reported by U.Today, Charles Hoskinson responded to doubters who said that Cardano misses the tech aspect and offers its community only religion.

In reaction to these claims, the Cardano creator said that since Cardano only has religion without tech, all dev teams should pack their bags, and he should probably also shut down all academic research centers and fire hundreds of IT engineers.

Vasil ”looking good”: IOG CTO

According to Romain Pellerin, IOG’s CTO, the upcoming Vasil update is “looking good” on all fronts. He shared a screenshot of the mid-month development with comments by Eric Coley stating that “benchmarks had improved in the Vasil devnet and script sizes were no longer an issue.”

In the past week, a significant milestone was reached with the release of the Vasil node 1.35.3, with which IOG says it might trigger the mainnet hard fork once the specified conditions are met.


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