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Here Are Next Key Dates in Ripple-SEC Lawsuit


As the Ripple-SEC lawsuit progresses, positive expectations are in place, which has impacted the XRP price all the while. On Sept. 29, the XRP community cheered when Judge Torres ordered the release of former SEC official William Hinman’s documents.

According to James K. Filan, “If the SEC decides to file a motion for reconsideration of Judge Torres’s ruling on the SEC objections regarding the Hinman documents, that would be due October 13.”

Earlier, Filan highlighted a key number of steps the SEC could take to further delay compliance with the order to produce the Hinman documents.

First, the SEC could ask Judge Torres to reconsider her order overruling the SEC’s objection. Second, the SEC could skip the motion for reconsideration and ask Judge Torres to certify an appeal of the decision she issued today. Third, the SEC could go to the Court of Appeals directly on a Petition for Writ of Mandamus. Filan is, however, optimistic that these maneuvers would have a low probability of success.


Other key dates

The opening motions for the summary judgment have already been filed while the redacted version was made public on Sept. 18.

On Oct. 18, parties are expected to file all materials relating to oppositions to summary judgment under seal, including briefs and supporting exhibits. On Oct. 20, the parties would meet and confer to identify redactions sought by each side in the opposition briefs.

Oct. 24 remains a key date as parties are expected to file publicly redacted versions of the opposition briefs. On Nov. 15, parties would file summary judgment reply briefs temporarily under seal.

Then on Nov. 17, the parties would meet and confer to identify redactions sought by each side in the reply briefs. Nov. 21 is another big date as the parties file publicly redacted versions of the reply briefs.

On Dec. 9, the parties would file an omnibus motion to seal all materials relating to the summary judgment motions. Then on Dec. 22, the parties will file oppositions to omnibus motions to seal.


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