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Healthcare Mergers Involving Unionized Workforces


I recently provided insight for a Modern Healthcare article about health system M&A transactions and how these companies navigate merging with unionized workplaces. The article references various regulatory hurdles a company may endure when acquiring or merging with a unionized workforce that may be a deterrent in a potential transaction. However, some argue there are opportunities in this situation.

As I pointed out in the article, a company may look at a unionized facility and think its current management isn’t enforcing policies outlined by a collective bargaining agreement in the best way. “Sometimes management isn’t properly exercising its rights under the collective bargaining agreement and is being too lax. A buyer may say, ‘I can tighten things up a bit here, even in the constraints of having a collective bargaining agreement,’” I added.

The full article, “As Health Systems Expand, Communication is Key for Staff Engagement,” was published on November 22 by Modern Healthcare and is available online (subscription required).


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