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Wendy Leibowitz, Tom Mighell, Dennis Kennedy and others I respect are weighing the pros and cons of moving to Twitter alternatives. A few thoughts on a complex situation:

Big problems with Elon Musk, who seems to be a case study of how people with hypomania can succeed in business (cf. Ted Turner). Musk, who has admitted to being bipolar(https://lnkd.in/eYP4S_EW) seems to me to possibly be slipping over the edge into dysfunctionality. https://lnkd.in/e9PNjWQj

The impulse to escape Twitter’s current mix of chaos and nastiness is understandable but a yellow light is in order.

Network effects matter. If you became dissatisfied with the political views of the #1 fax machine vendor, would you move to a new, incompatible fax standard created by a new vendor? This rule applies even more strongly to social media.

Facebook currently has large problems, and is probably facing further decline. LinkedIn also has a few problems. However, their value proposition is the network. No matter how successful a competitor might become, migrators lose much or most of their investment in building networks of contacts. LinkedIn, Facebook and yes, even Twitter, are sticky.

I humbly suggest this approach is worth considering:

Wait on Twitter. It might get better. Musk and other, saner investors will most likely see that it’s folly to allow a multi billion dollar to destroy itself.

If not, then ditch it later and switch to what looks like the best available alternative.

Is this the best approach? I don’t know. Educate me. Share your insights below or in comments on my LinkedIn post today.


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