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Google Competes with TikTok to Win Back


Google revealed it is updating the standard Google Search interface to let users examine information more purely. To do this, the business is launching a number of new features, such as topic-specific drill-down tools and other adjustments that will make using search a more visual experience by displaying map excerpts, graphics, and even videos in novel ways.

Google in 1998 till now has expanded its product line immensely to diversify its revenue streams, but search and maps continue to be the company’s biggest products. But Google’s internal research shows that younger users are starting to use other services, such as TikTok and Instagram, rather than Google to begin their web searches.

The modifications it’s making today demonstrate that it drew some inspiration from how younger users interact with the web, who favor easily navigable visual information and more direction as they start to formulate inquiries.

The internet behemoth has been debating for some time how to best highlight creator material in Google Search results. It started testing a feature in 2020 that combined short-form videos from Instagram and TikTok into its own carousel within the Google app. The Information stated the following year that it was looking for search agreements with Instagram and TikTok that would enable it to obtain the information required to index and rank videos.


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