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Ghada Alrumayan: Expediting Growth through Superlative Strategies


The success of an organization is directly proportional to the sort of people they are engaging with to suffice its operation. It is necessary to ensure that the people who are to be relied on share the same goal as the organization and understand its vision while advancing to embrace the organization’s mission as their long-term goal.

Ghada Alrumayan, Group Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at ROSHN, is one such remarkable asset who understands the vision of the organization and strives towards accelerating the growth of the business.

Ghada is a driven strategic leader with more than two decades of extensive experience in strategizing and leading cross-functional teams to bring about fundamental change and improvement in strategy, process, and profitability–both as a leader and expert advisor. She puts her expertise into analyzing the vision of the organization and channels her strategies to spread its messages of success and ambition across.

She is an adaptable and transformational project manager with an ability to work independently, creating effective projects, events, and meetings and developing opportunities that further boost organizational goals. Along with that, she is an innovative problem solver with a proven track record of initiating and delivering sustained results and growth across various sectors, including the banking, commerce, healthcare, hotel, retail, service, and telecommunications sectors.

In an interview with Insights Success, Ghada shared valuable facts about her journey and highlighted her significant accomplishments in the industry.

Below are the excerpts from the interview:

Briefly describe your professional journey up until now.

Prior to joining ROSHN in 2021, I was fortunate to have a career that exposed me to professionalism, excellence, and standardization at some of the best institutions in Saudi Arabia. These included the King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center, Saudi Hollandi Bank, Kempinski Hotels, the Olayan Financing Company, and Riyad Bank. The managerial roles I had at these organizations have enabled me to expand my knowledge in corporate communications and marketing. 

Now, as the ROSHN Group Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, it is a great privilege to put my expertise into helping ROSHN spread its messages of success and ambition in line with Vision 2030 goals.

What challenges did you face along the way?

When I set out in my career, women accounted for around 13% of the workforce in Saudi Arabia. Even if I was treated well by colleagues in most cases, there were times when the glass ceiling was very apparent. Nonetheless, I was lucky to have loyal, devoted colleagues who supported my professional development. From a macro perspective, the country’s working demographic is rapidly changing. The Saudi leadership is keen to empower women across all sectors and the Kingdom now has a female labor force participation rate of over 33%, a tremendous increase that will continue to rise as more women attend higher education and seek to contribute to achieving the goals set out by Vision 2030.

What significant impact have you brought to the marketing industry?

I have always tried to create marketing strategies that emphasize the public utility of private goods. At ROSHN, we are raising the bar in real estate and enhancing the quality of life, as HRH Mohammed bin Salman mentioned in his interview, by building humanized communities with people at the center.

Through our sponsorships we urge our partners to strategize and utilize different platforms to raise awareness and deliver important messages. A good example of this is when we collaborated with the Ministry of Sport to draw attention to the Zahra cancer awareness campaign, by showing messages and branding during football league matches.

Since 2021 we have been the main sponsor of Saudi Arabia’s professional football league. Before then, we sponsored Riyadh Season, as well as Formula 1 the largest international sporting event to take place in the Kingdom. By aligning ROSHN with these cultural, sporting, and entertainment icons, we are signaling how comprehensive our vision really is. Our flagship SEDRA community, for example, will increase the average green space per resident from 1.7 sqm per person, the average in Riyadh, to 27sqm. With plans to plant over one million trees and 63 million shrubs, our communities are also key to fulfilling the country’s ambitious green targets as laid out under the Saudi Green Initiative (SGI).

Tell us about ROSHN and its foundation pillar.

ROSHN is a national real estate developer powered by the Public Investment Fund. As a central element of Vision 2030, guided by the wise leadership of HRH Mohammed bin Salman, we are supporting government efforts to increase home ownership in the Kingdom to 70%, as well as raising the quality of life for all citizens. We are blessed through HRH’s leadership to witness rapid delivery and unprecedented progress. Vision 2030 is a transformative socio-economic reform agenda that has helped Saudis and expats alike.

ROSHN is a giga project that will eventually go beyond community development. We are the first Saudi giga project to deliver on our mandate and interact with our customers daily. We also conduct regular customer surveys to understand how we can meet the expectations of the Saudi people.

Sustainability, green space, modern living, and traditional architectural heritage are all at the core of our vision. Indeed, our developments lead to a new era of community living through beautifully designed homes that have walking access to mosques, retail and F&B outlets, parks, schools, and leisure and entertainment facilities. By prioritizing a collage of smart-city concepts, micro-mobility frameworks, and locally sourced materials, ROSHN’s communities are dedicated to lowering our carbon footprint and securing a sustainable and prosperous future.

How does ROSHN promote workforce flexibility, and what is your role in it?

We are proud to carry the honor of being among the best places to work in Saudi Arabia for two years in a row. On track to reach 1000 employees by the end of 2022, ROSHN is a large family of highly motivated people. As a company dedicated to finding and nurturing the best talent in the Kingdom, we value workplace flexibility very highly. ROSHN knows the value of having well-rounded and inspired team members with a wide range of personal and professional interests. We want to avoid burnout and make sure that our teammates have enough days in their year to take off, relax, and rest. In addition, our Himam Leadership Program gives young hires access to training with a group of experts at international universities and higher education institutions across the Kingdom. We also organize a series of popular townhall events, open to all employees, where we discuss the future and direction of the company, and how we can work together to achieve it.

What is your take on technology’s importance, and how are you leveraging it?

From energy-saving building materials to environmentally friendly design, technology is at the core of our projects here at ROSHN. For this reason, we partnered with SAMSUNG C&T, one of the world’s leading construction innovators, to employ modular construction techniques in all our developments. We are also working closely with the Saudi Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to develop the right digital infrastructure in our communities.

Sustainability is at the core of ROSHN’s mandate, and we are committed to developing world-class communities that are sustainable, resilient, human-centric, and socially vibrant. We use the latest technologies to ensure a cleaner, greener life for our residents. For example, ROSHN homes have optimized wall and roof insulation and thermal performance of windows, energy-efficient air conditioning units and lighting systems, and renewable energy in the form of thermal solar water heaters. In order to future-proof mobility in our communities for an electrified future, ROSHN has committed to lay the infrastructure for electric vehicles in each residential unit, in addition to supplying EV charging points in all detached villas. ROSHN is also committed to supplying 10% of public area parking spaces with EV charging stations, which exceeds LEED for Communities’ 2% requirement.

What will be the next significant change in the marketing industry, and how are you preparing for it?

The future of marketing will be hyper-personalized and one-to-one. Marketers will have to meet their audience in real time. To do this successfully requires much more data to better understand each customer’s needs and preferences. At ROSHN, we are preparing for this by keeping better customer metrics, remaining in close contact with our audience across a wide array of social media, and developing the next generation of marketing tools to better connect with larger and more diverse audiences across the Kingdom.

What are your goals in the upcoming future?

My overriding goal is to ensure that ROSHN meets the Vision 2030 target of bringing sustainable, green, community-centric housing to as many Saudis as possible over the coming decade. I want to ensure that the next generation of Saudis have better homes, better communities, richer, and more active and fulfilling lives. We want to usher in a new era of living, with heightened quality of life, a sense of social responsibility, and environmental friendliness. 

What advice would you like to give the next generation of aspiring business leaders?

Seize the initiative. If you have an idea, pursue it. If you have a product, develop it. If you have an audience, engage with it first, and then grow it. You might not get things right the first time, but only a moving train reaches its destination. And remember—business is like life: the journey is never set. If you want to get anywhere, you have to be energetic and mobile, but willing to change direction, too. 


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