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Finland-based Gamified Education Platform Seppo Raises €1,2M To Accelerate Its Growth


Seppo.io, a Finland based EdTech company specialized in gamification, recently announced that it has raised €1,2 million in funding from Almaral Oy, the financing enterprise ECO-Innovation and Sustainability Management Oy owned by Risto Vahanen, and the state-owned Oppiva Invest. The round was also backed by Liquido Ventures Oy.

Seppo will use the fresh capital to accelerate the already promising growth in both Europe and Latin America. Currently, 35% of the company’s turnover is already being generated on the export market. The additional funding will also double the growth figures. Growth is being sought in the international market in particular. The goal is to develop Seppo into a globally known gamification brand for corporate training.

Founded in 2012 by Riku Alkio, Seppo has been successful with its gamification platform, offered as a SaaS platform, where any training or educational content can be turned into an interactive learning game. It is used in around fifty countries all over the world, including businesses, educational institutions, and public organizations. The company’s customers include the world’s largest educational publisher Pearson and Merlin Entertainment, known for operating the e.g. Legoland theme parks.

With Seppo, the game content is created by teachers which means it can be used for any subject on any school level. Students can participate in building the game and they can utilize text, pictures, videos and applications while playing it

Commenting on the fundraising, Founder & CEO of Seppo, Riku Alkio, said:

It feels great to receive more resources for growth. We have already proven that there is demand for Seppo on the market, and now we can raise our operations to the next level in a systematic way. Thanks to our investors for the financial and human capital they have provided. We have been preparing for the new growth leap in a determined manner for a couple of years now.

Headquartered in Helsinki, Uusimaa, Seppo has been growing organically for the last few years and reached its break-even point a couple of years ago.

In 2017, Seppo had raised €300,000 in a funding round lead by Excedea Capital.


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