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FCC Seeks Comment on Location-Based Routing for Wireless 911 Calls


In 2018, the FCC issued a Notice of Inquiry to seek comment on the feasibility of using location-based routing to reduce the amount of misrouted wireless calls to 911 and improve emergency response times.  Due to technological developments, new industry trends, and regulatory changes, the Commission has now adopted a Public Notice to update the record on location-based wireless 911 calls.  The Commission specifically requests information on: (1) new advancements in and implementation of location-based routing technologies; (2) the incidence of misrouted wireless 911 calls; (3) operations or industry standards that could mitigate misrouting problems; (4) the feasibility of using location-based routing technology for text-to-911; (5) optimizing emergency response; and (6) how the Commission can facilitate enhancement of wireless 911 call routing.  Comments are due July 11 and reply comments are due July 25


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