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FCC Proposes Nearly $300 Million Fine Against Auto Warranty Scam Robocaller


The FCC has proposed the largest fine ever for the auto warranty robocaller scam campaign, run by Roy Cox, Jr. and Michael Aaron Jones via their Sumco Panama company, other domestic and foreign entities, and a host of international cohorts located in Panama and Hungary (Cox/Jones Enterprise).  The FCC proposed the record-breaking $299,997,000 fine against the party, for violating federal anti-robocalling and spoofing laws, as the Enterprise’s actions amounted to “egregious violations” for its “incessant” calling that amounted to “harassment,” according to the agency.  The Commission found that the robocall scheme made more than 5 billion robocalls to more than half a billion phone numbers in a three-month span.

The Commission’s proposal, a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture (NAL), details how the party violated the law and the proposed fine, which is not a final FCC action. The party has been given an opportunity to respond, after which the FCC will consider the submitted evidence before acting further.


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