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Fairly Competing, Episode 16: The Key to Seeking and Defending Against Temporary Restraining Orders

Episode 16 of Fairly Competing is out!

Temporary retraining orders (called, “TROs”) are a staple of trade secret and restrictive covenant litigation. IIn this episode, Ben, Russell  and I  discuss what you need to know when you are either seeking or defending against a temporary restraining order in a trade secret or noncompete case.

So, come join us on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Or, if you’re just looking for the feed, it’s here: Fairly Competing RSS feed.

And please email Ben, Russell or me with any topics you’d like to hear us discuss. While we cannot offer legal advice on the show, we can certainly discuss any issues you may be wondering about.

*Thank you again to Erika Hahn for the intro and outro voice over, Tyler Beck for the music, and mohamed_hassan for the base image.

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