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Ethereum’s Arbitrum Turns One, Activates Crucial Upgrade Nitro

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Arbitrum, dominant second-layer solution for Ethereum (ETH), migrates to Nitro on its first mainnet anniversary


The latest upgrade to Arbitrum’s design is set to dramatically increase networth throughput, advance L1/L2 data logistics and reduce the cost of Arbitrum transactions.

Arbitrum celebrates first anniversary, migrates towards Nitro

According to the official announcement of its team, Arbitrum network, a second-layer solution on the top of Ethereum, finally migrates to a new technical design, dubbed Nitro.

Arbitrum One mainnet – a main product of Arbitrum’s stack — is now fully running on Nitro. Mainly, the upgrade has boosted the speed, throughput, cost efficiency and interoperability of Arbitrum.

At the same time, with Nitro, Arbitrum network receives Geth (Go Ethereum) tracing instruments for better debugging and a safer “retryable” mechanism.


As per some estimations, Arbitrum Nitro can reduce transaction costs by 27%. Meanwhile, even before the upgrade, Arbitrum transactions had been 95% cheaper than Ethereum’s.

Arbitrum Odyssey might be restarted with Nitro

It should be noted that Nova, Arbitrum’s GameFi- and SocialFi-centric sidechain, was running on Nitro even before the Arbitrum One migration.

Steven Goldfeder, co-founder of Arbitrum maintainer Offchain Labs, highlights that many more impressive upgrades for Arbitrum are in the making:

It took a year and another 5,507 commits to reach today’s launch, but the seeds were planted long ago. And now some alpha: Nitro is amazing, but we’ve already planted several seeds to make Arbitrum even better.

With Nitro activated, Offchain Labs can restart the Arbitrum Odyssey, the largest community-driven event in the L2 segment. It was paused on July 1, 2022, due to an unexpected fee spike.

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