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Elon Musk Not Interested in Buying OAN Despite San Diego CEO’s Tweet Saying So


Robert Herring Sr. said:
Tweet by Robert Herring Sr. got the attention of the world’s richest man. Image via Media Matters

The CEO of One America News tweeted Thursday morning that “we just received a call from somebody very close to @elonmusk telling us that he would like to talk to us about purchasing @OANN.”

About 10 minutes later, Musk himself exploded that claim.

“Only Twitter,” said the world’s richest man.

Herring, whose Trump-boosting network declined precipitously in value after losing its major carrier DirecTV, didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

But online reactions were all over the map — from mocking to mournful — as fans of the right-wing network engaged with its critics.

By 11 a.m., replies to the Musk comeback numbered 1,000 as responses to the OAN founder’s note were still flooding in.

Fans of the 9-year-old network expressed fear and support:

Why would you sell? We love @OANN want to keep @oann I don’t want it changed!

Well, this is apparently not true, but if it was, please do NOT sell it. You guys are doing an amazing job!!!! If he wanted to buy OAN, I would not trust him.. why change an already great thing. God bless you and keep up the great work!!

Make the deal. He has the financial abilities and clout to take OANN to the Network it deserves to be. You’ve built a great network, but you lack the financial ability to take OANN to the place it belongs. MAKE THE DEAL!

No!!!!! OMG!!! No!!!! I respect the free speech take from him and fully support that BUT he’s against the 2nd amendment so ABSOLUTELY NOT to be trusted fully. What terrible news, please don’t do that. Yikes.

But many more found comedic value in the matter — or critiqued its business wisdom.

OANN should treat this like Radiohead and just leave the keys and say “give us what you think we’re worth”…

Sure you did…. “Someone” close to Elon – perhaps someone he went to band camp with 🤦‍♀️

As the @OANN CEO its funny that you would tweet such an vital piece of information about the company without verifying and being 100% sure. Goes to highlight the gaps in your decision making process in the company.

Can I put in a competitive bid? I got about $44 on me right now.

I received a Robo Call very close to a Robo Call that said something about Elon Musk wanting to give me a million dollar job at Twitter being a voice of reason! So Excited!

Wow. Way to blow any confidentiality during negotiations, nimrod. Seriously, how stupid are you?

I just receive a phone call from someone very close to Elon Musk that want to by my old Saturn Astra. anyone else got phone calls from someone very close to Elon Musk?

Is this a fake account? Or is this a joke? What CEO would receive some sort of 3rd party contact and think the first thing he should do is disclose it to the public and post it on Twitter?

You’re either trying to post a joke or you’re a very poor businessman.

Meanwhile, OAN parent Herring Networks Inc. was still in court battles with Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic, whose billion-dollar lawsuits allege the network defamed and damaged their business with knowingly false stories of helping steal the 2020 presidential election.

Herring also is suing AT&T over its loss of the DirecTV platform.


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