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Edward Snowden Says He’ll Take Bitcoin for Becoming Twitter CEO


A new drama is emerging around Twitter as Elon Musk is seriously considering stepping down as the CEO of the platform and is ready to consider some new candidates for that important role. Edward Snowden was one of many people who said he is ready to take on the responsibility, and he would even be okay to get paid in Bitcoin.

The prominent security specialist and famous Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiast responded to Elon Musk’s desire to leave the post to someone else who is dedicated enough to run one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. Apart from being ready to become the new CEO, Snowden would gladly accept Bitcoin as payment for his potential job.

Snowden has previously made numerous statements about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in general. However, he has never before made a statement about receiving Bitcoin as payment for his services.

Some users, in the comments section under Snowden’s statement, joked about the fact that Elon Musk does not really like remote jobs, while that would be the only option for Snowden because of his complicated relationship with the U.S. government.

Back in November, Snowden expressed his thoughts about the cryptocurrency market and made an industry-wide prediction urging his subscribers to start practicing safe DEX. After the FTX implosion, inflows to decentralized trading platforms increased drastically since platforms without centralized management are technically nothing but a sophisticated system of wallets and addresses connected to each other.

Unfortunately, Musk is unlikely to give Snowden the CEO post and will most likely choose another heir. Snowden has not yet made any additional statements about the proposal he made a few hours ago.


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