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Don’t Let These Ten Stumbling Blocks Push You Out of Law

Ever wondered, “Why did I become a lawyer? Maybe a career in law isn’t for me?

You aren’t alone. We all question our decisions from time to time.

A career in law isn’t one thing. It’s not one skill set. It’s not one specialization. This diversity of options and trajectories can make it such a valuable career choice and a challenging one.

Finding the legal career that fits you may take some effort. It can mean making several transitions. What’s important to know is that this is a process of learning about yourself and, in turn, learning about what will align with your unique strengths, interests, values, and more. Learning what work is going to be engaging takes some experimenting.

Over the course of my career, I have come across common stumbling blocks that can needlessly push a lawyer out of law, But, it is important to remember that finding aligned work is a process. It takes thought, planning, and action.

Read my in-depth article on not letting these stumbling blocks push you out of law at slaw.ca.

Read the helpful articles in the June 2022 Career Issue of the CBABC Bar Talk: https://www.cbabc.org/BarTalk/Articles/2022/June/Features

Also, for more insights, have a listen to this free CLEBC event with lawyers talking about the twists and turns their careers took on the way to a meaningful legal career: https://www.cle.bc.ca/path-to-a-meaningful-legal-career-2021/

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