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Do I need a DUI Lawyer?


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Many people call or email us and ask if they really need a lawyer for their 1st or any DUI/DWI case. They are curious as to what a DUI lawyer may be able to do for them that they can’t do for themselves.

The people who ask this question usually believe that they are guilty of the charge that will be made in court against them and that they are going to lose their license to DMV anyway.

So why have a lawyer?

There are several reasons why consulting and possibly hiring a good DUI lawyer near you is a good idea for everyone.

The first good reason is that even though you may have been arrested, that does NOT mean that you are automatically guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or a combination of the two. Cops make mistakes…a lot of them. We are able to look at the circumstances surrounding why a client may have been stopped or questioned about their sobriety by a police officer and determine that it was unlawful and that a motion to suppress evidence or to dismiss a case may be brought to win your case even if you were drunk or stoned beyond what is reasonable.

Another good reason to have a good DUI lawyer is that we know how to get all of the police reports and lab tests that will be available in your case. You should have access to everything that the district attorney will and DMV will have to prosecute you and try to punish you for whatever they think that you were doing. When we get all of the evidence that will be used against you, we can then go over all of it with you so that you can have some input as to whether what was written is true or not. You have a right to have your side presented by a good attorney who knows the DUI laws and is working for you.

A good DUI Lawyer will fight to keep your license

Car getting pulled over

When you are arrested for an alcohol related DUI, DMV gets involved and will want to suspend your privilege to drive for a certain length of time.

A good DUI lawyer will contact DMV for you and will schedule a hearing with them so that you have a chance to fight to keep your license valid and not have your legal ability to drive interrupted for any period of time.

Yes, we make all the arrangements and can usually do the hearing without you being present so that you won’t have to miss work or whatever you would rather do than to hear all the circumstances being repeated of an incident that you don’t want to be constantly reminded of.

In fact, if you retain a good DUI lawyer such as from our office, we will not only do all of the DMV work for you, we will also go to court for you so that you do not have to go to the courthouse at any time. The law does allow for attorneys to appear in court for their clients in  most DUI cases. When you retain the services of the Jimenez Law Offices, we make the process of handling your case as easy and as comfortable as we can for you and your loved ones.

You didn’t try to get yourself arrested, but you can try to get yourself out of it by hiring a good DUI attorney in your immediate area where the arrest occurred and where the designated DMV office is located and where the case will go to court.

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