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Discover ancient Egypt in style with this dreamy Nile cruise


Although you’ll get to enjoy all the sights from the luxury Nile cruise, we know that getting closer to the action is important, too. That’s why we have so many spectacular stop-offs, where we take a traditional, wooden Egyptian Felucca sailboat to shore. Then your local guide with fill you in with everything you ever wanted to know about the Unfinished Obelisk and High Dam of Aswan, or the lowdown on Abu Simbel’s Temple of Ramses II, dating back to 1264 BC! There’s a reason this place is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Then, it’s onto Kom Ombo, with temples dedicated to the Gods of Crocodile and Falcon. Before, Luxor, with its epic Avenue of Sphinxes, spanning 3km. (If you wanna give everyone back home peak FOMO, this is the time to whip your camera out). And then there’s the Valley of Kings, of course, arguably the most famous archeological site in the world. We couldn’t let you miss that.


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