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David Gokhshtein Explains Cardano’s Only Problem and Reveals His Holdings in ADA

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Gamza Khanzadaev

Famous crypto influencer shares his opinion on Ethereum opponent

Popular crypto influencer David Gokhshtein recently shared his thoughts on the Cardano blockchain and also revealed whether he keeps ADA in his investment portfolio. So, first of all, the founder of Gokhshtein Media said that he held his ADA position and appears to be pleased with the result, noting that since the purchases were made, this share of his portfolio has been growing successfully.

As for his thoughts on Cardano, the crypto media figure repeated the point he made earlier. According to Gokhshtein, the main and perhaps only problem with blockchain is the complicated entry threshold and the need for more in-depth study, which seems too difficult for the average user.

I’ve held $ADA, but as the weeks have moved on it’s grown on it.

Again, the only problem I have is that it takes a while to understand the ecosystem, which might push away people from building on it.

— David Gokhshtein (@davidgokhshtein) August 14, 2022

Considering that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are indeed alien science for ordinary citizens who are not techno geeks, cypherpunks or ordinary crypto enthusiasts, Gokhshtein repeatedly complained about the complexity of Cardano branding. According to the influencer, simplifying the message and breaking down the platform in layman’s terms would, if not increase the number of Cardano users, at least contribute to the growth of interest in it.

Cardano (ADA) price review

Last weekend ended more than well for the cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA). The coin managed to come up to the upper limit of the price range of $0.4-$0.6, where it fell at the beginning of the cryptogeddon in May.


Source: TradingView

Over the two days of the weekend, ADA showed excellent growth of more than 10%, but the important resistance level was not broken and the quotes corrected down from that level. In anticipation of the further movement of the crypto market, it is better to be guided by price levels. Thus, it is better to wait for another attempt to conquer $0.6 and then make your own investment decisions.

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