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Culture shock: 10 surprising things you’ll find in Japan


Before anyone screams lung cancer, let me explain. Many, many countries still smoke cigarettes like it’s 1955. It’s their bodies, their choice. I’ve traveled to France and Eastern Europe, both of which are heavy smoking countries where people can still smoke in most public establishments. (The downside of it is that their streets are covered in cigarette butts).

In Japan, smoking is also very common, even more so  than France. The main difference is in their approach. Unlike most countries, Japan likes to keep its smoking indoors. Yes, it’s more acceptable to smoke inside a bar or club than to smoke on the streets. Why? Because it eliminates smokers from going outside to smoke and littering the perfectly clean streets of Japan. There are even smoking compartments on the bullet trains. There are cigarette vending machines. Everyone and their grandma smokes in Japan, but you would never know it looking in from the outside because they clean up their tracks very well!


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