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Spouses in divorce proceedings are using cryptocurrency to hide money. Here’s how experts find it.

“Cryptocurrency in Divorce” is a video series with Joshua Shilts CPA/ABV/CFF/CGMA, ASA, CFE answering important questions from divorce attorney Miles Mason, Sr.  Miles attended two of Joshua’s lectures with the AICPA’s Forensic and Valuation Services annual national conference and the Tennessee Society of CPA’s annual forensic conference.  “Joshua is a dynamic and exceptional speaker. We had to get Joshua on our YouTube channel!”  We are fortunate he agreed to educate us on this emerging topic in family law and hope to have him back soon. View the videos:

Tracing Cryptocurrency & Finding the Crypto Wallet in Divorce

Who Gets Cryptocurrency in a Divorce?

Divorce & Cryptocurrency War Story

Three Best Cryptocurrency Tips for Divorce Lawyers

Meet Josh Shilts, the Forensic and Business Valuation Expert

President of Shilts CPA, PLLC, Mr. Shilts’ practice is located in Jacksonville, Florida, but testifies nationally.  He is focused on assisting attorneys, individuals and businesses with complex financial matters and disputes. Mr. Shilts has held roles with international consulting and public accounting firms in Miami and New York City as well as positions with large public organizations. Mr. Shilts is a frequent lecturer on a variety of forensic accounting matters. He has been involved with hundreds of forensic investigations dealing with a variety of matters involving personal and business disputes as well as the identification and mitigation of fraudulent activities. Clients have sought Mr. Shilts’ advice and services because of his unique industry experience and knowledge.

Mr. Shilts has provided expert testimony in commercial and family matters surrounding business valuation, economic damages, fraud and other applicable disciplines surrounding economic and accounting issues. He has been qualified as an expert and testified in State and Federal courts.

To learn more about Mr. Shilts and his firm, please view: Shilts CPA, PLLC.

For more discussion, see Property Division in Tennessee Divorce and view our video Is Tennessee a 50 50 divorce state?



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