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Cruising the canals of Amsterdam with Lampedusa and Contiki: this is how you MAKE TRAVEL MATTER®


But while the boats themselves are fascinating, it’s the crew who make this experience so special. These are migrants who have fled unspeakable horrors and dangers, but they approach each tour with joy, humour and a genuine love of Amsterdam. Trained by Lampedusa to navigate the canals, they speak of the strange contrast between their journey to Europe and getting back out on the water each day.

What Lampedusa is doing in Amsterdam is the perfect example of inclusive tourism. It’s the kind of experience that enriches travellers and locals alike, supports marginalised groups, and helps us see the world through other people’s eyes.

After all, isn’t that what travel’s all about?

Sound like your kind of travel? In 2023 you can experience Amsterdam’s most colourful and inclusive canal cruise on our London to Budapest by Train trips.


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