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Nuance Dragon Anywhere. Many of us are old enough to remember dictating documents and pleadings into a handheld microphone with a microcassette, and then handing the microcassette to a secretary for transcription. A secretarial work station would have a small tape player on the desk, with a foot pedal for starting and stopping the tape. My secretary would wear a headphone that was plugged into the transcription device, and she would type on an IBM Selectric Typewriter. Ah, the good old days. After microcassettes, we graduated to cable connected systems that sent our dictation straight to the secretary’s desk, and then the Internet and the cloud changed everything. These days, for $15 a month, I can dictate anything I want into an app on my Smartphone, and a magical AI in the cloud will turn my meanderings into digital text in the cloud that I can put into letters, pleadings and anything else that I need. I can even create blog posts on the go, and then download and edit the text. Dragon Anywhere and digital dictation has come a long way, baby. Try it yourself. All you need is a Smartphone and the ability to talk. Dragonanywhere



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